Moms In The Wild by Nidhi Raichand

Moms in the wild

Book: Moms in the wild

Author: Nidhi Raichand
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Moms in the Wild is a title that made me curious and dwells in my world of thoughts, trying to decode even before reading it. The book surprised me with its thrilling, witty narration and engaging storyline.
I have always found journalists and their lives intriguing. And when I saw our narrator is a journalist, I anticipated a thrilling reading journey, and the author delivered what I expected.

Moms in the Wild is a story through the lens of a journalist Sneha who has an interview planned with Natasha Babani, a 44-year-old who is extremely talented and kind and has several hats that include being an influencer, environmental activist, and a loving friend, mother, always ready to help others.

Sneha was excited to cover her first story interviewing the mommy influencer Natasha who had cleaned up a polluted lake last year and was shocked when she found Natasha’s dead body floating in the same lake.

Sneha hustles while talking to everyone related to Natasha, from her family and friends to the mommy group. There is a universe of craziness, a new definition of parenting and motherhood, and many dark truths and rivalries in her life that Sneha digs up slowly.

Who was Natasha Babani? Why does it feel she is too good to be true? What are the dark secrets Sneha digs up? Was Natasha killed?

To know more, read this witty, gripping book with intriguing incidents touching themes of motherhood, the world of social media, secrets, lies, and journalism.

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