Blaze by Nidhi Poddar and Sushil Poddar


Book: Blaze

Author: Nidhi Poddar and Sushil Poddar
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Have you ever questioned your capacity?

How much pain are we able to combat?

Most of the time, we feel the worst about our circumstances but eventually, realize how insignificant our issues are and that we should be thankful. The determination to face challenges offers our lives a fresh lease, and one such tale written by Nidhi and Sushil Poddar inspired me.

A book on perseverance, inspiration, trials, challenges, and self-belief. A story about the author’s son, who was just 12 years old and was fighting leukemia. The book focuses on his motivational journey and commitment to living with such a strong spirit and optimism that even those around him are in awe of him.

The author narrates in a way that you live the journey, feeling the pain, hardships, and sufferings, and reading how Divyansh handles everything with extreme maturity makes you realize the gratitude you should have for your life.

The book is extra special as the essence is added through poems, diary entries, and letters, leaving a legacy of self-determination and meaningful life.

His journey is eye-opening, inspiring, motivating, and overwhelming. And this book needs to be read by more and more readers to gain perspective towards life.


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