My perfect bride By Divine Earth

My perfect bride

Book: My perfect bride

Author: Divine Earth
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

A business deal that started as a compromise turned into a chain of regrets. A regret turned into a fatal heart. A decision made that can change multiple lives forever. And in between these streams of incidents, two people find solutions to the fraud and unjust behaviors.

The book highlights abuse, business conflicts, and the games played in business through an intriguing storyline that are our protagonist in this story. Ms. Pokey Nose, aka Ava Johnson, is a beautiful woman who has a heart of gold and is ready to jump to save others. The one who is always saving others is messed-up in hundreds of troubles, and our new book-boyfriend Mr. Hulk aka Mr. Aron Brown is all set to save her and get his long-due revenge.

The storyline intrigues the reader, but the narration hooks them till the end. The narration is highly appreciable for its presentation. The multiple points of view and flashbacks make it an engaging read. There are a lot of characters that might make remembering it a bit difficult, but they have strong points as a part of the story. The Johnsons, Tylers, Browns, families, best friends, exes, there’s so much in this story.

The climax and the court scenes will blow your mind. Also, the quotes and the fun banter between the not-so-romantic husband and not-ready-to-accept-the-marriage wife are hilarious.

Overall, a book to be read if you love lengthy books with hooking storylines, intriguing characters, and twisted plots!



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