Once upon a mistake by Shilpa Suraj

Once upon a mistake

Book:Once upon a mistake

Author: Shilpa Suraj
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

A farewell party from student life after MBA turned into the worst mistake. Friends whose life turn upside down. An engagement turned into regret.

Once upon a mistake keeps readers hooked on the storyline with shocking incidents and gripping narration. What starts as a nightmare is beautifully unfolded for the reader.

The character development keeps the story strong. Each character has a distinct feature, haunting past, and flaws that intrigue readers to understand their individual stories.

Yash and Maya’s fun banter and steaming romance make readers interested to know how the plot proceeds.

I loved the storyline, but having read Shilpa Suraj’s books, this book fell short after the climax, the second half felt a bit fast-forward, and the conflict resolution could have been better developed and more engaging.

But the book ended on an exciting note, so eagerly waiting to know about the remaining friends’ stories.

Overall a beautiful weekend read, for romance readers who love more emotionally consuming books should check this book!

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