Once upon a kiss by Shilpa Suraj

Once upon a kiss

Book:Once upon a kiss

Author: Shilpa Suraj
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Nothing beats the happiness of knowing that Shilpa Suraj has a new book releasing soon. You don’t need the blurb or the title to plan if you will pick her book. That’s the charm she and her books have on me.

I have been an extremely slow reader in the past few months, but I finally caught up on the most awaited book from her ‘Once upon a kiss’ book 4 in the IL CUORE series.

I didn’t understand why Deb was drooling over Karam because my love has always been Ved. But the last scene of book three just had me gasping over the fact that I might be in trouble, and Katherine was right when she said it’s ok to love them both.

So I picked this book, and holy goodness, this book had me tongue-tied, trying to gather some courage to breathe because Karam isn’t just the guy who is handsome and makes girls crazily turn as he walks past them. But he is innocent, charming, and a friend who cares about his people and can take a bullet for his family – his friends.

The beauty of the author is her characters’ high EQ (emotional quotient), the way it always feels like a giant warm hug. The storyline revolves around Karam and Shika, who had a scandalous encounter that started with redemption but turned out to be a beautiful thing for the duo.

The narration is engaging and keeps the curiosity constant for the readers. The enemies-to-lovers trope develops gradually, making readers fall head over heels in love with the duo.
And the chemistry (do I even need to say how brilliantly the author captures the hot steaming chemistry between the protagonists!)

Special mention of the messages at the beginning of each chapter. The texts are wholesome!

PS I can’t believe this series ends! It’s one of the most beautiful series I read!

Overall a book you will love if you like the enemies-to-lovers trope with a hooking narration.

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