The modesty and majesty of being by Dhaval Rathod

The modesty and majesty of being

Book: The modesty and majesty of being

Author: Dhaval Rathod
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Reading poetry always feels like a reality check in the sweetest way possible. This book is one such reality check that offers us a wide range of emotions that are not just beautiful but also thought-provoking. 
Modesty means not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities. Majesty means power, author, or dignity. 
And this book discusses the nature of these contrasting qualities in beings. 
The book categorizes into four parts which help to further under the nature of beings through this rhythmic journey of beautifully woven lines. 
The author takes us on a journey of fragile thoughts but empowers us by saying, “Sometimes, you may feel that things are going wrong. But that should not stop you from singing your song”. 
Then he dives us into the Majesty of nature, where our souls calm with each line we read. Return to nature was one of the main features of the romantics, and this part of the book feels like going back to those romantics. One of my favorite poems in this section is the cursed lovers where the speaker says, “The day and the night – Two lovers cursed by time. Separated by light. United in my rhyme”.
After getting adorned by the beauty of nature, we explore the universe. The stars, sky, cosmos, and moonlight depicts void, grievance, and unfulfillment with a pinch of hope.
The last section of this book discusses love and how it impacts us. The speaker addresses how the season of love develops. What is love? And the modesty in loving yourself. These final lines from the book have my heart – ” The only reason I look within my soul is to learn the fact that alone can also be whole.”
These poems are mind-blowing, thoughts provoking, calming, deep-rooted, and extremely peaceful. If you are a poetry lover you definitely should check this book out.

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