Trapped in an embrace by Asim Razi

Trapped in an embrace

Book: Trapped in an ebrace

Author: asim razi
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Have you ever felt trapped by the decisions you made?

You might be someone who got just the right amount of everything but still unhappy and unsatisfied.

Our protagonist has everything but is unhappy, and wants to kill herself but why? She is long lost in a mirage. She feels suffocated, wants to grieve, and as soon as she is convinced that death is the ultimate solution a tear starts dropping and all her years of suffocation pours out in the form of tears. There were tears in her eyes but it felt a bit freeing after a long time.

She tried to retrospect her life, consumed every emotion although overwhelming. Years of decisions, choices, priorities started replaying in front of her. She was fragile but had made a decision to let go of all these emotions. She took a deep breath and soaked in every last view and emotion she could feel and moved towards the edge of the cliff. She was on the verge of taking the leap of faith and then she heard a voice.

A voice that handled her fragility that guided her to reflect on the choices made.

But did that voice help her overcome her overwhelmed emotions? Whose voice was it? How did that person know about her personal and professional life?

To know more read this most intriguing book. A book that opens up a wide range of questions and tries to help you reflect your emotions. A book written so profoundly that there is hardly any breathing space between this highly captivating storyline and an engaging plot. You’re just consumed in the words, and become the protagonist who is lost, scared, confused and is trying to find the answers.

The author has penned the story intriguingly. While the storyline is complex, the plot is amazing, helping the readers find an escape through the maze. The narration untangles the unanswered questions gradually stating the truths. The poem by Rober Frost used as metaphor for the protagonist’s dilemma adds beauty to the story. One part of the story speaks about the meaning of poetry and Ghazal and it will stay with me for a long time. The way it’s narrated has my heart.

Overall readers if you love engaging narration with suspense and profound takeaways this is your next read!

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