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It’s raining, and as always, I let the music play randomly while I read and write. A beautiful song popping up unexpectedly often brings a nostalgic hit and fills me with utter passion. At this moment, I’m listening to “Iss Qadar Aap Se Humko Mohabbat Hui,” and I can’t help but feel how a single lyric perfectly captures my love for writing.

My deep affection for writing, or mohabbat/ishq, began with child-like enthusiasm. As a school student around the age of 9 or 10, I would listen to songs and transcribe the lyrics into my notebook. Yes, I know, I was, and still am, quite filmy! The idea of love and love letters felt magical. Writing inspired by songs and movies became a cherished hobby. I vividly remember watching “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” and being captivated by its soundtrack. However, this creative musing halted as I became an introverted, studious girl who could only write pages and pages of questions and answers.

As academic pressures mounted, my passion for reading and writing took a backseat. During my diploma studies, I felt increasingly lost in the world of science. My creative side was suffocating, so I turned to my secret diary, pouring out my feelings in an attempt to navigate the internal battlefield. Gradually, I rediscovered my love for reading, and the reader in me resurfaced, no longer concerned about judgments. This rekindled my love for literature, and I ventured into the world of book reviewing, transforming my passion into a freelancing profession. The best part of reviewing was discovering Blogchatter, a paradise for bloggers and writers, where I reconnected with my love for writing. Since then, there has been no turning back, and my love for writing has surged like a waterfall.

Reflecting on why I love writing has been a journey of self-discovery. Writing has profoundly changed and evolved me as a person. For me, writing is akin to a scene from “Ishq Vishq Rebound,” where a mother enters her daughter’s messy room, finding her immersed in painting and expressing her emotions. The chaotic room symbolizes her tangled thoughts. However, writing isn’t the mess; it’s what happens next. The mother silently starts tidying up, guiding her daughter without a word. They sit on the balcony with a drink they share, and the mother expresses her inner turmoil. Writing is my way of decluttering my mind and expressing my inner turmoil without saying a word.

Writing is deeply personal, but the voice it gives to my opinions makes it incredibly therapeutic. 2023 was a challenging year for me as I had to choose my master’s career path. I faced struggle and anxiety up close, but 2024 has been a phase of growth and challenges that have made me a better person. I have consumed a lot of books, series, and movies, and what truly helped me grow was not just watching them but understanding, comprehending, analyzing, and writing about what I felt. Watching is an essential part of the process, but understanding underlying themes and catching words that are not spoken is an art that comes with writing. The more you write, the more you realize there is deeper awareness and discovery at the end of the tunnel. However, you must decide to cross it, as there are many triggers and challenges when you write. Writing has that deep impact on you. It can heal but also open the gates to your deepest, darkest secrets, even those you don’t realize are caged inside you.

Writing your thoughts is like exercising your brain. The more you write, the more you rewire your brain to intervene in your thoughts.

Recently, I watched “Inside Out 2,” and it was a fine watch for me. I wondered why everyone said it healed their inner child. Of course, it was a beautiful movie, and it also hit home, but why didn’t it feel awesome? Then I opened my notes app and wrote about what I saw, just stating the scenarios. I closed the app feeling somewhat unsatisfied. Later in the evening, Dad played an old evergreen iconic song, “Lag Jaa Gale… Ki Phir Ye Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho,” and at that moment, it all came back. As always, I picked up my phone, analyzed the scenes, and started writing about the behind-the-scenes and my feelings about the movie. It was indeed an awesome movie just that initially I watched it as an entertainment but once I started writing it became an analysis and introspection tool.  That’s what writing does to you—it makes you understand beyond what you see.

A movie that personifies emotions to show a visually appealing style for how the brain works. The way the Joy character says, “Maybe that’s a reality; as we grow up, we feel less,” depicts my feeling about writing. As we grow up, our writing evolves from Bollywood song lyrics to intense emotions we cannot express, much like the Anxiety character who kicks in so much scared adrenaline that she doesn’t know how to let go or stop the anxiety. Similarly, we adults struggle to resolve our constant, struggling emotions.

Writing has helped me dump my negative thoughts, welcome creative thoughts, create a fictional world, observe more, and create more. The power that words hold is extremely contagious and revolutionary. Words can speak in silence and make the most powerful noise. It is the best way to open a discussion and bring the change. Blogging challenges have helped me have faith in the world of writing. While people say the attention span has narrowed to the first four seconds of a reel hook, it’s also true that content has become king. People may be robbed of their basic attention skills, yet the same people who claim they can’t watch a two-hour movie often binge-watch four-hour series. Writing is just for fun now, they say, but they also love reading blogs and comments. For me, writing is no longer just a hobby, passion, or profession. It is my companion that ensures my thoughts, though messy, are acknowledged and decluttered. When I hit the publish button, the happiness I feel is beyond explanation. There’s a voice behind writing that says, “Aye zindagi gale laga le, humne bhi tere har ik gham ko gale se lagaya hai, hai na!”

This post is part of the “The Write Path Blog Hop” hosted by Swarnali Nath .

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  1. Writing makes you understand beyond what you see. It opens a new word. A world of imagination, perspective, experience, and expressions. We are blessed to have this power where we can weave our thoughts into words.

  2. I loved how you brought in the songs to talk about your writing journey. To write one must feel deeply, and that aspect of your writing comes across very well in this post.

  3. Wow wow wow 😲😲😲😲😲😲 Dear Samee, I can see how you transformed through the introspection you did in the last some years. Writing has helped you in expressing your inner turmoil turning them into words written on the paper. This blog post shows how deep are your thoughts and how deep you have gone to introspect yourself through creative forms like writing, movies and series. The way you watch things and write them in your diary is something that not everyone can do it flawlessly like you. It’s a special talent that you are gifted with. And the other precious gift you have is your pure soul. Your purity of heart reflects in every word you write. I loved reading every bit of this blog post, specially the way you have added music and scenes to your words. I am very happy that you joined us in the blog hop and looked back to your transformative journey through writing. Thank you so much for joining the blog hop. It means a lot to me. Gratitude and best wishes.

  4. Very well expressed. Writing is the best way to declutter and restructure your life. It helps in many intangible ways. It takes us down a different path and there’s much light and joy in writing, even if it’s for simple things. I was not a ‘lists’ person, but now even making lists makes my life so simple. It helps me prioritize things and make room for better stuff and time management.

    1. I like your style, words interspersed with bollywood lyrics, songs that I could connect too. While writing is just words I works in different ways for different people– for some it is a healer, for some it is confession, for some it is release, for some it’s a tool– such is the power of words.

  5. I enjoyed reading this reflective piece about how writing has comforted an introverted and studious person like you. Yes, being from a technical background, I could relate to the fact that writing takes a back seat but your passion finds a place in your life no matter how busy your life becomes. I am glad that you resumed writing and I am sure that with time your bond with writing will deepen.

  6. That’s what writing does to you—it makes you understand beyond what you see.- This is the most powerful line of this post. Writing is immensely powerful and I know it and it helped me to come out of the moments of depression in a magical way without even letting me know. I am glad I write and I am glad to meet such like minded writers like you being a part of the writers community.

  7. Every word you’ve written, I have resonated with it. I too in my school days had a diary (which I still have saved) where I wrote lyrics of Bollywood songs and along with that started dabbling in rhyming poetry putting to complete use the English lessons. I also love listening to music and write(I also studied like that). Blogchatter has been my savior as well, I started book reviewing thanks to them. Sameekshaa we are writing-twins for sure.

  8. Suchita Agarwal

    I loved this Bollywood-song-inspired ode to writing. I especially loved the line “writing isn’t the mess; it’s what happens next.” It is so true and I like you depend on writing to make sense of the world. I also appreciate how you acknowledged that writing isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s not easy just putting down words. You have to mean them too.

  9. Writing is the act of decluttering the mind, you got that spot on! Your story is very relatable as I too pursued science background and put writing in the backseat. But I never stopped journaling and it has created wonders for me. Here’s to hoping we get to write as often as we want to whilst running the rat race 🙂 .

  10. I like your style, words interspersed with bollywood lyrics, songs that I could connect too. While writing is just words I works in different ways for different people– for some it is a healer, for some it is confession, for some it is release, for some it’s a tool– such is the power of words.

  11. Music has always been a medium that conveys the emotion of love and I love the way you have connected it up to your love of writing. Writing is therapeutic and helps one to declutter one’s mind. It is wonderful to see how you have allowed writing to dump negative thoughts and turn more creative and joyful.

  12. This is exactly where I write whatever I observe, especially about people and movies; because in writing about them I am able to analyze my own feelings and maybe rethink my initial judgments about it all. I liked how you used song lyrics in between your post to bring your point home.

  13. There is such a beautiful bond between music and writing in your post. It is wonderful that you came back to writing despite academic pressures, considering the immense joy it brings to your life. Reading books and watching movies, interpreting them do lead to awareness and renewed creativity. may you continue along your chosen path of writing, and may it continue to help you to open up your heart and mind further.

  14. I really like the way you connected the situations/incidents with songs and movies. Very interesting piece, I particularly love the opening paragraph of your article.

  15. That is beautiful way with words. It heals from within and helps you see what you can see and beyond and about the happiness of clicking publish on the blog is happiness that can only be understood by all of us who are part of writing tribe.

  16. Noor Anand Chawla

    Writing in all its forms – whether articles, blogs, song lyrics or film scripts – is indeed cathartic. My writing can also be very emotional but more often than not, as a journalist, I cannot put my emotions in my writing. Even then, just the process of writing feels wonderful.

  17. Ambica, how beautifully you have connected music and writing. I agree with all my heart that writing is therapeutic and can turn into a journey of self-discovery. Movies and web series are a mode of relaxation and can bring new insights to one’s writing as well. I savoured your blog post and the journey that you marked out so poignantly.

  18. Wow, Sameeksha. Narrating your story while listening to music is so relatable. I guess, we writers are alike in many forms. The best part is the happiness we get after hitting the publish button. Truly, those feelings can just be felt and can’t be explained.

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