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Dreams of a reader

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LETTER D: Dreams of a reader

Dreams of a reader 

A human may be dreaming of a successful career, earning good money. But a reader has dreams that only a reader can understand its intensity. 

For readers, the words are the facts! They don’t care about the rest world when it comes to believing what they are reading. They don’t even realize they are reading but are living the character. That’s the best feeling in the world. 

The reality hits when you have completed the book and want to live it for real that’s when the dreams start to build up!

Here are eight dreams I have as a reader!

  1. A trip curated for readers to travel to the local and globally renowned bookstores and libraries. There are so many travel packages season-wise, but a reader’s travel package to the places mentioned in books or famous libraries would be a dream come true!
  2. A theme park based on books – helps to live like the character, dress like them! The rides can be a certain conversation based. 
  3. A law that makes sure that a book adapted to turn into a movie consists of all the scenes – Although it’s debate movies or books better, and we love books more, a good movie without any part cut, with great detailing, will be a treat to eyes!
  4. Book series to release within a month – Readers have a lot of patience is a partial truth. While they have the patience to read, they are not patient with waiting for the next book release in the series!
  5. An app not so tinder-like, but an app on similar lines where we can connect with readers close to our location.
  6. A mandatory bookstore/library in every town – Whenever I feel low, I want to walk out of the house and buy books anytime, any day!
  7. A reader’s therapist whom we can talk to after reading books. We all know how much we zone out and go through a silence phase. It would be a great thing to have a therapy session after reading.
  8. Get a chance to be the main character in the book – this is a dream I would love to experience right away!

I want all of these but secretly wish to get at least one of these immediately!

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