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Finding my happiness quotient

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LETTER F: Finding my happiness quotient

I am a huge geek when it comes to books and web series. A few months back, I watched a series on Netflix named Little Things in which they used the term happiness quotient.

What exactly is this happiness quotient?

This word sounds like happiness is overrated!

But wait! is it really? Can we measure happiness? 

According to the dialogue from the series, the Happiness quotient is the extreme happiness you feel for something, and once you reach that point, no matter what you do, your happiness level remains the same! 


I feel books are my happiness quotient. The rush and excitement I feel is my quotient. Of course, not all books, but there are a few that hits my nostalgic thoughts too hard, giving me the action replay of those feelings!

And thanks to the authors who help me find my happiness quotient. Few authors write a story that allows me to be with them and live like them!

Sharing books by six authors that helped me find my happiness quotient

  1. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover – is the most amusing, gripping, and powerful book. It taught me that we should start the change and not wait for someone to make it happen!
  2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – the classic book which portrayed the meaning of true love, the prejudice that hinders our thoughts!
  3. This time forever by Andaleeb Wajid – this book didn’t just help me find my happiness quotient but also my emotional quotient! A high on emotion kind of read!
  4. The Sehgal saga by Sapna Bhog – I owe one to this author for introducing me to the Sehgal clan. The family, Janak Sehgal, gave me the best life lessons and a world to imagine living in!
  5. The Shades of Night by Shilpa Suraj – this series gave me exposure to different professions and personalities. Her writings give me a calming yet exciting vibe. They are fast-paced and adventurous!
  6. Maharaja’s fake fiancé by Alisha Kay – this book gave me fun, witty characters, and ambitious goals.

Have you found your Happiness Quotient? If yes, where did you find your happiness quotient?


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