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Book:Zero day

Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Have you ever received WhatsApp messages/warnings saying do not click on any suspicious messages? While installing any app, do you click on the Next button without even checking what permissions you allow?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, you also know how big these hacking games are! But what goes unnoticed is that hacking is just a teaser part, and there’s more danger to this!

This book is an eye-opener! It helps us understand the malicious activities that go in our life that we are unaware of or ignore!

The storyline intrigues the reader with a sudden rush of emotions from the very first page. What happens when a city like Mumbai gets on hold? An email that shocks the entire Anti-terrorism Squad is shocked, as it reads that it’s a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, and the person sending the mail claims he is planning for something bigger!

The teaser of the DDOS attack shows how pathetic the situation can get, as the attacker stops the traffic signals as his first sign of threat, and the Mumbai traffic is beyond explanation. Ambulances are trying to find their way out, but eventually, social media acts as a boon, making the Traffic Policemen and wardens collaborate with citizens.

The first attack gets the Maharashtra Anti-terrorism Squad on a high alert. Shahwaz Ali Mirza – the head of the Maharashtra Anti-terrorism squad, quickly puts together a crack team that includes his protege, IG Cybercrime Vikrant Singh, and Major Shaina Verma of the National Security Guard.

The team gets working on the dark web, the forum chats, and learning the next move. But the team doesn’t accept the threat, so the attacker follows his next plan and blocks the lifeline of Mumbai – the railway’s signals, making the situation worse.

What is the attacker’s move? Will the team be successful in saving their city and the country eventually? To know more, read this thrilling, mysterious, and brilliant book.

Personal Commentary:

The book starts on a thrilling note, making readers anxious about the unsolved crime. The plot is thoroughly engaging, introducing us to the crimes. The story also majorly focuses on how everyone randomly installs apps or clicks on a piece of fake news and ends up hindering their privacy.

The plot – although fictional and technical doesn’t make it a difficult read. The technical aspects are made simpler. The pace is medium, which helps readers understand the story at their own pace. The plot sets the reader into a thrilling zone, making it impossible to read the book in breaks.

The characters are well developed, especially the duo Vikrant and Mirza. Their ideologies and their way of solving crimes are commendable. The only character and incident which felt a bit forceful in the plot was the chemistry between Shaina and Vikrant. The duo added meaning to the ongoing events but somehow felt unnecessary. The language is crisp and understandable. The narration is engaging.

Overall this book is a must-read to understand the intensity of the crimes happening or can happen. The books shows us the impact of cyberterrorism on the citizens. 

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  1. the only book of Hussain Zaidi I read was Black Friday and I can’t say how much I loved it. This new book has been coming on my feeds frequently and I’m glad I read your review.

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