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Good books only!

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LETTER G: Good books only!

Good books only 

Every reader sure wants to read good books only. How do you decide if a book is good or not? 

No, I am not talking about the grammatical error. I mean the story that makes your day a remarkable one!

I tried to read one page a day for the first time, and I loved how it felt! The restless feeling made me curious and increased my interest to keep reading. The first book I read ended on a happy note.

The one you cannot have and Rule Breakers by Preeti Shenoy was my first ever read as a teenager.  Then, I started reading more romance books by Anuj Tiwari, Sudeep Nagarkar, Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh.

Then I slowly started reading lengthy books. The cravings for the restlessness in the fictional world felt comforting. 

But somehow, the whole curious journey made me read only good books. The first few books I read promised me good books, books with happy endings, books that made you smile. 

But as my book choices changed, my definition of good books also changed. I no longer expected it to have a happy ending.

A happy ending no longer means a good book, but a book that can change me drastically, that confused my peaceful state of mind, the story I can’t get over is officially a good book for me!

Reminders you should follow as readers!

  1. Everyone has their definition of a good book.
  2. It’s ok to build your opinion about an overhyped book.
  3. It’s ok to love an underhyped book.
  4. Everyone has a different perspective and connection with the book.

What is your definition of a good book? Do you need books with a happy ending or one that emotionally consumes you? 

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2 thoughts on “BlogchatterA2Z Letter G”

  1. How wonderfully you’ve put across your thoughts. I especially liked how you say everyone has their definition of a good book.

  2. It’s true we develop as we read and with u realize that a happy ending isn’t always necessary. Every popular book may not be to our taste too. Good post!

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