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It Ends with us

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LETTER I: It Ends With Us

I for It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover 

This book, author, and story have changed the way I think.

Tears. Love. Life. Emotions. Connections. Support. Relationship. Heartbreaks. 

Abuse in a relationship. Love in a relationship. It ends with us.

This book is extremely special to me. The book was recommended to me at such a phase when I needed to switch off my emotions from reality.

No, this is not a review. This blog is my experience of reading a mind-blowing book. The takeaways I’ll cherish forever.

The book focuses on self-identity, self-protection, and individuality, ending the pattern that’s going on for years. 

Takeaways – 

  1. The naked truth – one where you won’t be getting judged, where you can speak your heart out what you feel! While they think they won’t be meeting again, destiny laughs oddly in an unsettling way. If you still feel like you are getting judged, don’t tell anyone, but you deserve to accept your naked truth.
  2. Not everything is just about romance or just about roses and gifts. It’s the phase after the romance where love turns to care.
  3. In between the chaos of finding and achieving your dreams, don’t lose your identity.
  4. Find someone who makes you a better person, not someone who makes you rethink your decisions.
  5. If you forgive them once, they keep repeating until it becomes a pattern.
  6. Sometimes closure helps us to heal.
  7. It is difficult to watch things happen in front of us. For the first time, you are shocked. The next time you are afraid as you know what’s coming next. And once you repeatedly see the unjust behaviors happening, you no longer understand what to do. You see a pattern, and one day you decide this pattern needs to end. It does end!


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  1. What a wonderful takeaway, “If you forgive them once, they keep repeating until it becomes a pattern.” We do all need to learn whom and what acts to forgive.

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