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Joining Bookstagram

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LETTER J: Joining Bookstagram

Joining Bookstagram

Bookstagram means Instagram? They would ask!

But for me, it’s always been Bookstagram.

My love. My passion. A place where I turned my passion into a profession.

What started as clicking a picture and posting on Instagram with a reading tag turned into exploring a whole world of books.

Bookstagram made me realize I can openly talk about the positives-negatives of the story, book memes, book rants, book quotes, and the list is never-ending!

It’s almost three years since joining bookstagram, reading books, learning from others, and turning my passion into a profession!

Getting an opportunity to do what I love and talk about it 24 x 7 makes me feel lively!

When I received the Instagram box, I knew this was the beginning, and there was so much more!

I want to read more literature. I want to learn about the cultures! The story behind the stories. I want to talk more about literature.

Bookstagram is not a photo or video-sharing app for me but a platform that helps me showcase my love for books. A platform that gives voice to my opinions and lets me be creative. A platform that made me the person I am today – More confident, more understanding, and more empathetic!

Here are eight readers who inspire me to read more and write better!

  1. read.dream.repeat
  2. thisbookmagnet
  3. thebookishtales
  4. reader_sm
  5. readers_and_creators
  6. thequirkyreader
  7. bookish.fame
  8. reader_viddh

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