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Kindle Love

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LETTER K: Kindle Love

Kindle love

I and my obsession with my kindle paperwhite are like blogchatter’s love for blogs! 

For someone who loves the smell, the intoxication of old pages, how does a kindle level to a paperback? 

Does this mean I don’t like paperback?

Let’s solve this mystery today!

In 2019, I started reading paperbacks gifted to my sister or a few books she bought me. Then I joined a review project group, but it meant reading kindle books. 

I was both happy and upset. Happy as I get to read new books, sad as I had to read eBook. Trust me on this! I felt uncomfortable to read the first time.

But soon, the uncomforted experience turned into love.

16th June 2020 was one proud moment for me as I bought the kindle with my own hard-earned money.
So, the kindle is also my first self-gift.

Now, kindle is my travel buddy. My partner during my tough times. My priced possession. 

Kindle helps me make my journeys shorter, remember able, and exciting. 

Here are three reasons why I love kindle –

  1. They are easy to carry as I don’t have to pick multiple books but can carry them all in one.
  2. For some reason, my reading speed is faster when I read an eBook.
  3. My favorite part of reading kindle is marking quotes and conversations I love!

On another note, I love eBooks more than paperback because I am just more comfortable with them now. 

Also, I don’t treat paperbacks or eBooks, or audiobooks differently. I love them all, but if there was a top priority, then it’s kindle paperwhite.

What is your choice – paperbacks or eBooks or audiobooks?

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z

3 thoughts on “BlogchatterA2Z Letter K”

  1. I used to be like you too. But now my iPad and I are an inseparable entity .

    P.S: I’m a Gemini too (20th June)

  2. Suchita Agarwal

    Love my Kindle – I take it with me everywhere. Tried Audiobooks but I get restless listening to them and the voice matters a lot to me. I actually haven’t read a paperback in 3 years. I’m not sure I can anymore.

  3. I read kindle and listen to audio books when I’m cooking or some other activity. It Allie’s me to finish a book faster! I still love paperbacks but the convenience of the kindle!!

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