Princess & Prejudice by Alisha Kay

Princess & Prejudice

Book:Princess & Prejudice

Author: Alisha Kay
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

The book stars the brother of Nivy Sharma and the sister of Veerendra Singh, the most intriguing characters, which were a shocking revelation from the last book.

This book begins with the thrilling wedding preparations of Veer-Nivy. While one wedding is finally happening, Nivy’s mother is also planning on making this ritual happen for Dr. Sharma.

Dr. Aryan Sharma is one brooding and handsome guy who will make girls fall head over heels with his extraordinary charm and hardworking attitude.

While Aryan Sharma is making other girls fall in love with him, according to him, his teenage crush Yuvarajkumari Jayshree Singh – princess of Devgarh, is a pain-in-the-ass. While his mind says stay away from her, his heart wants to get closer to her.

Dr. Sharma has some complicated opinions about Jessie. She is someone who can do anything to make him understand her love for him, but his inferiority complex and his dad’s words make him stay distant from her.

What brings them close? How do two people who fight like kids handle each other’s tantrums? What changed after Jessie’s 18th birthday? How will Veer-Nivy handle their siblings?

To know more, read the most entertaining story of the year!

Personal Commentary:

There is nothing more entertaining than the wittiness Alisha Kay brings through her narration. The readers witness a plethora of emotions with several reality checks. A modern-day love story where not only the woman has the clarity and strength to fulfill her choices, but also the man breaks the gender stereotypes!

The storyline intrigues the reader as the royal family enters the royal mess created by the wedding planning! The clashes between the past, present and future acquaintances jumble throughout the story, creating an engaging plot.

On one side, the sizzling chemistry between the to-be-couple multiplies the reader’s heartbeats, and the heated tension-chemistry between the princess and doctor keeps the reader hooked to the story.

The sequel is worth all the waiting! And if you haven’t read it already, please do! You will surely love it!

If you still aren’t convinced, here are a few conversations that will tickle your bone!

  1. Deep was stoic in his refusal. He even gave the waiter exact instructions on how to make the salad. I had visions of Babban Miyan’s grandson weeping over his kadhai in the kitchen just because a guest had waved away his delicacies in favour of a salad that required a more complicated assembly than the Mars Rover.
  2. I was even surprised we were having this conversation. When had our lives turned into a Karan Johar movie?
  3. I felt something wet and sticky on my forehead, and when I rubbed it off, my finger came away red. For a minute, I wondered if I was bleeding from the head, but one sniff put that fear to rest. It was ketchup. Which proved my point. God really hated me. Why else would I bang my head on the one corner of the table that had ketchup smeared all over it?

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