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Managing my reading time

My thirteenth blog for #BlogchatterA2Z

LETTER M: Managing my reading time

You should at least read 10-50 pages a day.

Have you heard this before? I bet you have!

A reader who used to read a book a day is now struggling to read a page a day. Sounds similar?

As a Booknerd, I used to read one novel and start the other the same day. Those were the best days of my life. All you think about is what to read next and not what work I have to do next.

But when reading is a hobby, you slowly turn it into a passion, a love for books you can’t leave, and it becomes difficult to let go of it even for a day!

There are times I don’t scroll through Instagram and try reading a few pages because that’s what reading means to me.

A few minutes of reading or listening to audiobooks while traveling is the best part of my day. 

This situation might sound crazy, but when I am on a family trip, and my mom finds a particular Whatsapp-DP-friendly spot, all she wants is to click ten different pictures with ten different poses and angles. And during that few minutes, I read a few pages. That’s how much I crave reading fiction! 

Tips for how I manage my reading time –

  1. Do not scroll through social media before reading a few pages daily.
  2. Do try listening to audiobooks while traveling.
  3. Do carry a book everywhere you go. 

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  1. Sameeksha your tips for reading while travelling are very useful. How intelligent you are to read few pages while aunty keep searching for places to get a photograph. Loved the post dear.

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