Lucky for you by Andaleeb Wajid

Lucky for you by Andaleeb Wajid

Book:Lucky for you

Author: Andaleeb Wajid
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Last book. Last couple. The last time, entering, the Starville building. The last time there was a funny, messy, chaotic incident!

The last book in the series. The claustrophobic thought that I would never get to read more about these characters. The emotional ride as the end pages are near! On one side, the climax is approaching, so you want to read fast, but on another side, you are scared to finish the book.

The constant banter between Iqra’s thoughts and to shut up or not is so relatable. The best thing about the book is the rawness of the story, the not-so-fancied family drama but the truth behind after marriage scenes. Her fun element of naming things, especially, Dhanno, was hilarious.
But what I liked the most was her layered characters which were revealed gradually and made the readers process her quirky behavior.
With the handsome Saad, I have to say I felt a connection, a relatable factor with him. The way he tried to decode his feelings. The way he did things for Iqra felt a lot special!

The members of the Starville have my heart and their banter, gossip, and the chaos!

I loved The Reluctant Romance series because of the author’s specialty. The way the author challenges the characters with unique traits and breaks the stereotypes with an engaging storyline is her beauty of writing.

For me, Jawad and Tanzeeen’s story is close to my heart. But Iqra’s and Saad’s story bought the completeness.

Overall this book is the best one in the series. The quirky dialogues, the heart-warming characters, the funny incidents making you laugh out loud, the chemistry between the characters, and the thrilling storyline make it a perfect thriller read.

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