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BlogchatterA2Z - Mehars world of COLOURS

Parents, have you ever dictated your child’s hobbies and future profession? Have you meticulously planned their schedule, filling it with extracurriculars and tuition?

If your answer is yes, I admire your dedication. Your concern for your child’s future is evident Your concern for your child’s future is evident but this book will also help you see the other side of the coin!

In “Mehar’s World of Colours,” we delve into this dynamic with a heart-warming tale that juxtaposes parental aspirations with the innocence of childhood.

Meet Mehar and Saanvi, siblings as different as night and day. While one is captivated by colours, the other excels in swimming, winning medals effortlessly.

Through Mehar’s journey, we witness her discovery of colours as a metaphor for finding purpose and passion. Her kindness extends to helping underprivileged children, with support from family, friends, and her coach.

The book beautifully intertwines themes of parental separation, emotional struggles, friendship dynamics, and the importance of guidance from adults.

Each character, from Ananya’s uncertainty to Tanisha’s inquisitiveness, showcases the uniqueness of every child.

It highlights the importance of allowing children to explore and guiding them without imposing. Parents and educators play crucial roles in nurturing their journey.

The book also describes emotions with every colour highlighting the importance of colours in life. 

In essence, “Mehar’s World of Colours” is a compelling read for both parents and children, encouraging exploration and embracing imperfections alongside creativity.

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