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BlogchatterA2Z -Dhak Dhak movie takeaway

On 13th April I attended the edutainment event where education meets creativity. It includes workshops, panel discussions around technology, marketing and much more.

One of the masterclass of the day was – insights on making of the movie by Pranjal Khandhdiya a film producer who spilled the sauce on the behind the scenes of the movie. The role of producer, the myths and reality.

While all the secrets and magic that goes in film making was thrilling, the part where he showed us the video glimpse of the movie making held my attention.

The planning, weather condition, the take charge attitude, backup plans and much more intense things finally result in a great content and an amazing story.

While I saw the BTS of the movie it surely piqued my interest in watching the movie.
An extraordinary journey of four women challenged on different levels, coming from complete different beliefs and backgrounds plan on a bike ride to the highest bike point in Ladakh.

The day after the event I came back home and watched this movie for its extraordinary storyline, mind blowing scenic views and life lessons I’ll cherish forever.

Here are the 3 takeaways from the movie

1. Whenever you are in a problem make yourself your neighbour which means think of it as someone else’s problem. No matter what we always have a solution to others problems so whenever we face any problem just reverse the role and you will find the answers.

2. Get out of your comfort zone and spend some time in nature. You will find yourself in nature. You will find the solutions to your problems, you will find your identity and most importantly you will find your peace. Meeting new people, interacting with them broadens your knowledge and understanding of others lookout towards life. It helps you find perspective.

3. If your heart is happy you can do anything and everything in life. No matter how many obstacles you face, your heart should be happy. Challenge yourself not to prove yourself to anyone else but for your hearts to beat faster, every fast beating heart directly means you are living, a not so ordinary but extraordinary life.

This movie is one of the best things that happened to me. I saw woman in the movie and I could relate it to the women around me.

A daughter who is raised by a single mother, who is constantly scared, a girlfriend who fell prey to internet bullying, a a widow grandmother who is looked down as housewife whose only role is cook and listen to her children’s, a wife who is succumbed to husbands patriarchy and as a daughter is denier to inherit father’s business.

This might seem like a minimal issue but it’s happening around us even in 21st century. Women are still working hard for power. They are struggling to get ownership of the their own things.

This movie is a mirror to the society to broaden our thoughts and experiences!

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