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Ruhi Walia is the not so ordinary next door girl but a fierce, bold, beautiful woman on her journey towards building her dream food empire. She is passionate about her work and while her dream is on the right path her parents do not like her choice and want her to return home since she got kidnapped. They are scared about her safety and trying to get her married. She meets a chain of marriage prospects but no one gets her interested. Well, not no one there’s one man who has himself wrapped inside her head, none other than Vaayu Oberoi the workaholic brother who is also a billionaire and known for his irresistible charm and a reputation of a notorious playboy.

On one side Ruhi’s parents are trying to get married for her safety, on the other side Vaayu has a multimillion dollar contract at stake as his image as a playboy is shaking up his loyalty and commitment towards work and life.

Two people trying to run away from getting married as they are set in their ways, they ought to devise a plan. A plan that will help them both to succeed in their ambitious dream work and get out of the family drama of finding a way to settle down.

What if they fake their marriage? They have a temporary solution for a permanent problem. A contract marriage that will help them achieve their dreams!

But will they survive the fake part when what they feel is very real? Can they keep pretending?

To know more read this mind-blowing, engaging book that will give you butterflies every minute.

I can assure you this book feels like a moonlit walk on the beach where you keep walking and don’t realize that it’s morning already. The character arc of not just the protagonists but the other family members is so well written and their growth is reflected by the end of the story. Every character has an intriguing role in the story.

And when it comes to the duo, I cannot stop thinking of their intense tension that gives goosebumps. Their chemistry is like fire, they are fierce, passionate. Vaayu is one hella devilish handsome (book boyfriend alert) and his dialogues will snatch your breath. His possessiveness, and his trait like his name is stormy and powering.His reaction towards anything about Ruhi is just beautiful. There’s a wild chance that as characters are battling to differentiate between fake and real, readers too are battling and rooting for the duo.

The plot is creatively written with the farmhouse part being my favorite, and the interlinks between family members, specially the mother-in-law and Ruhi’s relation. The narration is hooked and exciting as the more you read there’s more to know about the protagonists as well the family members.

Overall this book is as romantic as it can get. A book about romance, madness, obsession, insecurities, power, family drama and love.

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