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BlogchatterA2Z - Era Mable book review

A book by Shilpa Suraj!!
A book that will smash the stereotypes and cliches!
A book that will explore new professions!

And no doubt Shilpa Suraj amazed us this time as well by being a cupid to a chartered account and a wannabe actress. Yes extreme opposites planning not to come across each other but end up working together.

The book has a good storyline but plot could have been a bit better. The characters are strong point but I wished Vanni’s dad’s character could have been gradually developed. The narration as always is engaging and the chemistry is good so much that I felt there should have been a bit more of the duo. Also the storyline of the sequel is too much to handle as I’m restless to know the story!

Aditya is mature, simple, caring, and always trying to help others and find solutions.
Vaani is bold, fierce, fun, but bit of a I don’t care what others think, I’ll do whatever I want kind of a person.

The duo working together initially feels like a nightmare but the cozy up to each other eventually.

While Vaani helps Aditya bring a smile on his face, understanding his personal life, Aditya also tries to help Vanni to bring a stability and less drama in her life but Vanni cannot live without drama, it follows her and so does Aditya.

Once their chemistry is acknowledged there’s no going back but with a major age difference and complete opposite personalities how do they even survive this chemistry? Are they compatible for each other? What is the baggage both are suffering from?

To know more read this dramatic romance book with strong woman character and an interesting insight into life of actress.

aotd – Leonard and Penny 🙈

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