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BlogchatterA2Z - George Orwell

George Orwell, the author of the world-famous classics Animal Farm and 1984, whose books shook my innocence, made me aware of the cruelty and helped me understand the meaning of power and its repercussions.

I read 1984 as a part of my curriculum. Orwell’s discussion of the dystopian world of total power for the government was one adventurous experience for me. His writing style is captivating and fearful, giving a reality check of the horrors of being inhumane and the world that can turn into monstrous terror.

Orwell set up the book 1984 in Oceania, which is always at war with East Asia or Eurasia. The book opens by giving a background idea of the government and its ministries, propaganda, manipulation of rights, the discrimination between the proles, and the use of Newspeak – a language created to hide the truth.

Orwells imagination is claustrophobic and terrorizing and makes one classify the difference between reel and real. The Newspeak language introduced us to the manipulative world of power. DoubleThink, ThoughtCrime, ThoughtPolice, and BigBrother are some of the propagandistic words used in the book.
He created a government with four ministries – Truth, Peace, love, and Plenty that can track, alter, motivate, and manipulate the history and the existence of propaganda or person.

After reading this peculiar book, the thing that grabbed my attention was the relevance of the story to date. It is terrifying how Orwell, decades prior, predicted and warned about something so horrific and warned about an intense power that can withhold our ability to think, speak, and live.

We might be living in a mild version of 1984, and Big Brother might not be watching us directly, but through the permissions we allow our applications, we get constantly tracked. For example, we talk to friends or search for something we want to buy and start seeing ads.
We have freedom of speech but also have to be careful going forward. The dystopian world Orwell created might not be the reality, but it does impact readers’ thinking. It helps readers differentiate between the truth and existential crisis.

Is big brother still watching us?

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