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BlogchatterA2Z - Inside Out

Inside Out is an animated Pixar movie capable of addressing and analyzing the way you think. How easily do you get affected? Do you think emotions are integral in our life? Are you afraid of change? How do you deal with any change? Do you psychoanalyze after a long time whether the emotion with which you responded was the right way to find solutions?

This movie will answer all these questions. What are emotions, how does one get affected, and its repercussions on your thinking process through five characters Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust which are the prime emotions personified.

Riley, the protagonist, is exposed to new challenges in her life, and these five emotions are trying to work together to turn this change into a good experience. These core memories work together in a control room called the headquarters. They also have access to her memories that are activated when needed.

The movie decodes the nature of emotions and the thought process before activating that emotion. When there is a happy, exciting situation, Joy is active. When there is a sense of loss or disappointment, Sadness is active. 

When Riley feels things are not going according to the plan or feels mistreated, Anger is active.
When there is a potential danger incoming, Fear is active. When something unpleasant happens, Disgust is active.

All these emotions work together and influence each other to deal with the situation in a particular way.

Following are the lessons I learned after watching this movie –

1. Addressing what you feel is essential –
There are times we feel overwhelmed. We are unable to process the situation. We know why and what we are experiencing but try to deny addressing it. So it is necessary to speak your heart out, believe in the process, and act on it.

2. There are multiple ways to deal with a situation –
We either freak out or get frustrated during stressful situations because the pressure feels extreme. The way we contemplate is not the only way to deal with it. We do not always have to go against our will or choose the difficult path to reach our destiny. Sometimes the easy path also brings us results. Stress is not always negative. Positive stress is also a way to overcome problems.

3. The movie highlights how emotions are interconnected and overlap. So we should prioritize a more accurate emotional response to tackle the situation.
For example: how Sadness did when the other options failed to help Riley.

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