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BlogchatterA2Z - Jeetu Bhaiya

“Jeetu Bhaiya” is a name that brings a positive wave of enthusiasm to distressed students. He is a character from the series “Kota Factory,” which depicts the struggles and lives of students preparing for IIT entrance examinations.

He serves as a mentor, brother, and motivator to his students. He is also an agony aunt who treats them more like friends than a professor and is the go-to person for all kinds of advice, ranging from curriculum and relationships to financial problems.

Three lessons Jeetu Bhaiya taught me –

“Life mei grow karna hai toh move on karna padega” – If you are uncomfortable with or hate changes, you may feel stuck in a loop where everything around you keeps changing and stress that you won’t survive this. However, change is the only constant in life, the one thing that remains the same. To grow, you should step outside your comfort zone and embrace discomfort. You cannot expect to improve without experiencing

“Mere liye asaan hai bol dena, ‘Be Yourself’ Par Satya yeh hai ki, you should always try to better yourself.” – Being yourself and embracing yourself is undoubtedly most important, but can you survive simply by being yourself? Let’s assume you do temporarily, but will you be able to handle the challenges life throws your way?
It is crucial to step out of your comfort zone and continuously upskill yourself. Strive to be the best version so that you confront any problem with greater confidence.

“Sapne dekhe jaate hai AIM achieve kiya jaata hai” – “You cannot keep dreaming and think that someday you will be something. Action is necessary for any reaction. To achieve this, you need to stop dreaming and start aiming. When you have an aim, you have a plan. And with a plan comes a system and order that will help you get closer to your success story.”

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