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BlogchatterA2Z - Kota factory

Kota Factory is a series about aspiring IITians who have come to Kota to change their lives forever. It not only covers the curriculum but also how Kota changes an individual as a person. It changes your lifestyle and prepares you for the worst. The show portrays how if you are the topper in the class, you are in the wrong place.

The show deals with themes such as friendship, relationships between students and their parents, teachers, and how students succumb to societal pressure.

The series teaches us to adapt to worse situations, discover ourselves, and face the reality of competitive exams. It explains the importance of understanding ourselves, fighting for the life we want, and standing up for ourselves to make us stronger.

The series educates us, helping us understand the value of our bond with our parents. One of the dialogues from the series that has stuck in my head is, “Maa Baap ka decision Shayad galat ho sakta hai. Unki niyat kabhi galat nahi hoti.” It means our parents’ decisions for us may be wrong, but their intentions are always in our best interest. So,
when in doubt, talk to your parents and have faith in them.

As students, we will be busy creating memories, but it is essential to understand our reason for studying. On the result day, if we fail, all the memories will haunt us, and the things we planned on remembering for a lifetime will turn into our greatest regret.

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