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Short stories that stayed with me for a long time –

Short stories are a great mode of learning life lessons within a few pages.

One of my favorite short stories will stay with me forever –

Everyday Use by Alice Walker is a story about two sisters.

Maggie lives with her mother and is shy and underconfident, and Dee is bold, confident, and living on her terms.
One day Dee visits her mother after pursuing higher education with her husband.
Dee wants the quilt to exist in her family for generations.
While Dee wants to use it as a decorative piece, Maggie thinks this quilt should be cherished and used. She wants to use the quilt for everyday use.

This story taught me the importance of family relationships,
Through the characters and their actions, this story explores themes of heritage, identity, and the meaning of cultural traditions.
It is important to preserve heritage but also cherish it.

The mother realizing her mistake of prioritizing Dee’s confidence and ignoring Maggie’s innocence and rectifying it by letting Maggie have the quilt shows how personal relationships and understanding the importance of heritage are more important parts of life.

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