BlogchatterA2Z (Two books two lessons)

BlogchatterA2Z - Two books Two lessons

Two books that changed my life

Books are our best friends ! Yes!

But they are more than our best friends. They are our soul thinking out loud. 

A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini – a book about two women Laila and Mariam who are treated as slaves and a female reproductive machine. A book that brought me close to literature. It is a historical fiction book that highlights abuse in a marital relationship and the slavery going on for decades. This is a book that made me cry like a baby, and was an excellent cathartic process. A book that brought light to my comfortable thoughts. A book that made me uncomfortable but grateful for the life I’m leaving right now

My not so perfect life by Sophie kinsella – a romance comedy genre book that I felt extremely relatable. A book focusing on love, life, career.
A book that I read during the most struggling phase of my life, which inspired me to believe in myself and understand the importance of prioritising happiness over anything.

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