BlogchatterA2Z (Vats and Kulkarni)

BlogchatterA2Z - Vats and Kulkarni

Vats and Kulkarnis the two families of dice media little things who are a strong backbone for Dhruv and Kavya.

They are modern, understand and accept their childrens decision and help them in succeeding further in their life.

Dhruv and Kavya have raised the relationship standards by portraying a mature couple who communicate with each other and have set realistic expectations from each other.

Their bond is strong because they have a strong sense of individuality and personal place which is clearly a reflection of their parents.

In case of Kavya, her mother talking about me time shows how her alone time with her chai is her favourite time of the day. How her husband retiring and constantly invading her space has made her feeling frustrated sometimes. The state of being independent and calm in Kavya is reflected from her mother.

In case of Dhruv, his mother reflects a sense of understanding different circumstances but still leaving life on her own terms. When Dhruv talks to his mom, about her school friend getting a good job and him feeling like a failure, his mother advices him to congratulate his friend, feel happy for his friend. This situation shows how she is optimistic in every situation and tries to make the best out of serious situation which is reflected in Dhruvs behaviour.

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