Bad girl gone good by Alisha Kay

Bad girl gone good

Book:Bad girl gone Good

Author: Alisha Kay
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar
You always want to live a low-key life. 
You wish to stay out of trouble and scandals.
You are a sweet innocent person who does not want drama in life. 
Now, let’s compare what you want versus what you get when you start liking a person. 
A person who – 
is always a part of scandals, has an adventurous high-key life, and who’s the epitome of drama. 
The low-key person in this book is the protagonist Kabir, a doctor trying to upgrade the hospital his father started thirty years ago. 
The high-key person is Alisha, who organizes club launches and yacht parties. And now she has been given a challenging event to organize! A FUNDRAISER for a hospital. 
When they had their first eye contact during the board meeting, there was a tone that things are going downhill because this duo had been together as a couple which did not end well. 
But like a fairy angel, and a true cupid, an interesting and an amazing personality, The Rajmata of Bannor (D Ma) has once again decided to come to the rescue and knock some senses between these love birds. 
How a scandal prone Aisha is going to help a grumpy doctor raise funds? What’s their most innovative fund raising technique? How are the two mad crazy lovers resolve their past? 
To know more read the quirkiest, romantic book one in the series of bad girls.

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