She is mostly sane

She is mostly sane

She: A tribute to her

She is a soulful
She is a reader
She is a content creator
She is a fighter
She is a friendly guide philosopher
She is a bit of everything you need in a person
She is flawless
She is bold
She is a wonderful human
But one thing most important is that
She is mostly sane

Mostly Sane?

Yes, the one and only!

Prajakta Koli, a soul whose name when you hear would bring a smile. A content creator who feels like a next-door friend, who we secretly wish, we could talk to daily.

Prajakta Koli is a content creator, YouTuber, influencer, blogger, and actor, a part of Forbes India’s 30 under 30. She sings, dances, blogs, reads, acts, creates, and inspires.

When did I first meet her, you ask?
In 2020, when the lockdown almost lifted, and I needed some motivation to feel energetic, get out of the house, not feel scared and, I bumped across a YouTube channel called the MostlySane.

When I saw that channel, all I did was explore the titles and the playlists, and that’s where I found a playlist called #TheRealTalkTuesday life hasn’t been the same since that.

When I feel stressed, frustrated, unhappy, and need urgent motivation or immediate assistance, I binge the real talk Tuesday videos.

When I am continuously working and need a change for just a quick relaxing time, I play the Sawaal Saturday in the background.
(P.S. doing household chores while listening to the happy soul feels calming).

When I feel bored and need a fun dosage, I binge on The Montu Playlist, where Montu will always cheer me up.

When I want to spend family time but not talk and have a conversation, I make them sit and watch The Family Playlist.

When I am on a creative block, I watch My binge videos.
It somehow always brings out creativity in me.

And last but not least,

When I want to get inspired and hear some wise words, my go-to playlist is Celebs and Fellow creators

One or the other way MostlySane got you covered. If you feel lonely, need to deal with mood swings, bad days, breakups, or some book recommendations to make your life beautiful, just click on that damn subscribe button.

(P.S – Me in may 2022 being super obsessed with her and and getting a haircut thinking it’s similar to one and only) 

She is a creator whose life a fan like me observes in detail.
Her wins feel personal, like the happiness, I would feel when my friend or sister achieves something.

When she talked about how her picture on billboards of dairy milk makes her revisit the time when Baba worked at Cadbury’s company canteen, it gave me goosebumps!
She reminds me how beautiful it is to cherish little things, have fun, and take risks!
And that things never go according to plan, so do not overly plan, live in the moment, and celebrate all short milestones. You are working towards something big, appreciate the efforts, and always be grateful.

So this is my tribute to a wonderful woman who is unfiltered, fabulous, and mostly sane!

P.P.S – Manifesting one Thane chi mulgi meets another Thane che mulgi soon!

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29 thoughts on “She is mostly sane”

  1. Mostly Sane is just awesome. Prajakta Koli is a self made person. She has done so much on her own. I too remember seeing her short when she talked about the Dairy Milk bilboards. She showed what hard work, perseverance and hard work can do. My daughter is a big fan of hers.

  2. Hey Sameeksha! Firstly I want to thank you so much for joining us in the celebration of womanhood. I was eagerly waiting to read your post as I was wondering what’s going on our Sammy’s mind, and whom it’s going to be a tribute from a yound and beautiful girl. And now am amazed at your choice! I am also a fan of Prajakta Koli and I am a big fan of her character in the web series Mismatched. Hope she reads this post someday and wishes you the best in your life. Loads of love darling. Be yourself always. Thanks again for joining us in the blog hop. Means a lot. Much gratitude dear.

  3. I had watched few episodes of her famous Netflex series and loved her work. I did not know much about her Youtube channel but after reading your post felt that she is amazing. will check out her channel for sure. thanks for introducing me another inspiring youth content creator.

  4. I’m an admirer of Prajakta’s work and achievements too. She gives all creators so much inspiration and hope.
    I’m also manifesting that this Thane chi mulgi (you) meets the other Thane chi mulgi (Prajakta) soon.
    My favorite lines were, “Things never go according to plan, so do not overly plan, live in the moment, and celebrate all short milestones. You are working towards something big, appreciate the efforts, and always be grateful.”
    A great post, Sameeksha

  5. I admire Prajakta Koli. She is not a beauty otr has an hourglass figure, she is the proverbial girl next door who has made it big through her shows and now movies.. She has the spunk and chutzpah to carry off anything and her wisecracks are so relatable.

  6. Nice to read & learn.
    She seems like an amazing content creator. You sure are her big fan! Hope your wish comes true soon.
    “Mostly Sane” is an interesting name. Reminds me of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

  7. such a cute cute post! I too love Prajakta, I think she totally rocks it. I loved her in the Netflix series Mismatched where I think she was amazing.
    P.s. wishing your manifestation comes true and you are able to meet your idol!

  8. Prajakta has come a long way from where she started, and she is so down to earth. I did not follow her closely but I bet it must have felt great to watch her grow from her YouTube channel to everything that she does today. Lovely tribute to her. 🙂

  9. Loved to read about what inspires you. The way you wrote about the various topics she talks of makes her channel sound like fun. I haven’t heard or seen it but will surely check it out now. What a commendable way to pay tribute to someone who touched your soul

  10. I love watching Parjanta and her Mostly Sane. Even the show mismatched was great. Thanks for this cute write up.

  11. Honestly I didn’t know who Prajakta was until I saw her in Jug Jug Jeeyo but found her cute and bubbly. Now that you’ve talked so much about her I’m curious to check out her channel. Hope your manifestations work!

  12. Such a sweet tribute, Sameekshaa. I have watched a few of her videos and it was lovely to know more about her. I completely agree with her about celebrating the journey even if things don’t go as per plan. That is the essence of life.

  13. It’s not a joke to keep creating content so consistently and maintain the same quality. Though she isn’t my favorite, I have huge ,ad respect for such hustler girls on internet. I hope she uses her popularity to further the cause of fellow women of her generation. And best wishes for your dream to meet her to manifest this year.

  14. Thankyou for this hatke blog with a wonderful choice! Prajakta Koli is a vibrant vibe bursting with fun for life. I wasn’t aware that she’s a content creator too and now that you’ve told me, I would love to follow her and share the tinge of happiness and outlook! Great post!

  15. Prajakta Koli’s journey has surely been inspiring to date. I like her best in her content creator avatar. I must confess, in the initial days, I felt she was straight off trying to be another Lily Singh. But Prajakta has managed to build a community of loyal fans like you, and a household name. That’s quite an achievement. Also here’s wishing you meet your inspiration someday in future. 🙂

  16. I recently become the member of Prajakta’s fan club and that too just because of my lil sister. My sister is a crazy fan of mostly sane girl. Undeniably her YT videos are the real stress buster.

  17. I watched only a couple of episodes of Mismatched, and liked Prajakta Koli your tribute to her is really interesting, and hope she gets to see it and. I can confidently say that she would definitely like it. I am yet to watch Mostly Sane and will watch it soon.

  18. I want no aware of Prajakta Kohli until I read your post. Certainly am intrigued by your inspiration. Hope you get to meet her as you so desire.

  19. Wow, Sameeksha, what a beautiful article dedicated to Prajakta Koli. I am sure if she read this, she would be so humbled and happy. But yes, we all love her content and the honesty with she speaks to the audience. But I must say, you are one of her top most fans and every word in your article resonated that!

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