Bad girl gone rogue by Andaleeb Wajid

Bad girl gone Rogue

Book:Bad girl gone Rogue

Author: Andaleeb Wajid
Book Reviewed By - Sameeksha Manerkar

Book 2 in the Bad Girl series talks about the next girl in the trio Inaya Khan, the CEO of Ixora Skincare, an epitome of a self-made woman. While she has achieved so many things, her mother hasn’t succeeded in finding a husband for her!
While the mother takes the lead in finding a good match for her, she succeeds in finding the prospective guy, Ayaz Ahmed, a CEO himself but of a struggling startup.

Things start on a bitter note with the mishap of the beetroot juice but end up with a coffee date. While this young duo is in their explore phase, they are stuck with questions of pride, work-life stability, family, class discrimination, and arrange-marriage.

What happens when Ayaz finds out Inaya plans on buying his company, and her parents are trying to get her married to another guy and the fact that they both fall in love with each other?

To know more, read the most interesting, calming, and soothing book, which is high on emotions, work-life balance, and maturity in a relationship.

Anytime it’s an Andaleeb Wajid book, it’s a sure-shot thing that there will be a woman – who is bold and beautiful, self-made, breaking the stereotypes, embracing her flaws, and making sure you never lose herself in any process.

Inaya is one such character who is headstrong, ambitious, hardworking, intelligent, and the epitome of ruling her life on her terms.

Ayaz is simple, loving, hardworking, intelligent, emotional, and handsome his priorities are his family and office staff.

The chemistry between the two feels natural, intense, and soothing. Arrange marriage, the speedy process between the two families, and the themes of work and its effects on a relationship focuses on in this book.

The family, which is an integral part, and their roles in the story show the complexity of individuals and their effect on the individual. Social status leads to an inferiority complex, and how it affects the relationship is shown perfectly through Inaya and Ayaz’s family.

If you love books with engaging narration, slow but steady love, and resolving problems in a relationship with a bit of humor and wittiness, this is a perfect read for you.

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